International call for solidarity with anarchist Babis Tsilianidis

2z6w8k8This text is from comrades in Thessaloniki where there has been an assembly has already been planned for the appellate court of the comrade, calling all comrades who can and want to carry out actions in their cities. Comradely, initiative of comrades from Thessaloniki.

January 2011. Anarchist babis Tsilianidis is arrested while in clandestinity together with another 3 comrades, in the frames of a police operation in Athens and is led to prison. His persecution concerns (besides the warrant out in his name for the arson of a vehicle of national electricity company and criminal organization) charges of the antiterrorist law (distinct weapon possession and being in an anonymous terrorist organization). Babis refuses to cooperate with the authorities, does not testify and is detained for both cases in Koridallos prisons.

November 2011. The comrade, while being in Koridallos prisons is called for a third time to the office of the interrogator in order to testify for a new case. This case concerns an armed robbery in the economic department of Ahepa hospital in Thessaloniki.

The new indictment is is based on a bandanna found near the area where the robbery took place, on which, according to the cops, there was Babis DNA in a mixture with other DNAs.

“The upgrade of oppressive strategy should not surprise us, since the use of science and technology, which contributed to a great degree to the rise of authoritative civilization, has always been applied from the state and dominance. We as anarchists ought to not spend ourselves on pleadings for the maintaining of our rights by the state, since that presupposes obligations towards it, a contract we ought to and desire to destroy.”

March and November 2012. The trials for the cases of Athens and Thessaloniki take place, Babis does not appear and expresses his opinions about the cases through public texts. In both trials the charges dropped and only some misdemeanours remain (consisting a gang and complicity in arson in the first trial with a sentence of 2years-10months, consisting a gang and simple weapon possession in the second one with a sentence of 4 years). At this point happens the following: The chairmen, for a sentence which is not even a serving sentence, they deducted from Babis the real time of his detainments. As non-servable sentence is one which you can buy-out or is probation (as it happened) until the appeal since it is a very low sentence. For Babis it is like prison time began again on December 5th 2012…

January 2013. The trial for the robbery takes place in Thessaloniki. Babis does not appear having already stated:

“… for our enemies will always be guilty of our attempt to fulfil our desire to live free, to define our lives alone, at an individual level as well as collectively, in harmony with nature, far from networks of authority, control and mediation, far from relations that reproduce hierarchies; oppression and exploitation, far from the dependence on ‘specialists’. An attempt, a struggle that goes over the destruction of capitalism, as well as every form of managing authoritarian civilization.”

In the court and while no witnesses has recognized Babis, and the biologist-chemist explains that DNA, especially when in a mix, cannot be used as evidence, the judges under the order of their superiors decides: 10years-4months because as the prosecutor stated: “if he was innocent he would have given DNA on his own” and “if he was innocent he would come to court to prove it”.

Babis becomes the first anarchist in the greek territory, who is convicted with sole evidence a “sample” of DNA. Ever since, history will repeat itself, and DNA will enough of a “prosecution witness” to lead more “deviants”, to the prisons of democracy.

Today, anarchist Babis Tsilianidis, is still in prison. The only case that is basically “holding him” is the robbery, but he cannot take leave days, or ask for a sentence interruption because of the time he has served for other cases.

On June 5th is his appeal court in Thessaloniki.

Source: Act for freedom now!

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